There are always needs for donations after a disaster. Although many folks like to go through their homes and closets to donate house-wares and clothes, or to buy things locally and take them to the affected areas, usually the best way to help is with cash. Here is a great article on what NOT to donate. There is certainly need for donated items, but that need is most apparent months after the disaster, when the survivors have a house to put them in. By then, people are no longer thinking about donations. Cash donations can be used for what is needed, and are disbursed through the Long-Term Recovery Group overseeing the recovery, and are coordinated by Case Managers who have the ability to ensure that those with the greatest need receive what they need. If you want to collect relief supplies, see the lists to the right, and check with UMCOR for current needs. If you want to donate cash, you can do so by sending your tax-deductible donation to the District Office - 1221 W. Ben White Blvd. Suite 201-A Austin Texas 78704

UMCOR Relief Supply Kits

UMCOR collects:

* Cleaning (Flood) Buckets

* Hygiene Kits

* School Kits

For more info go to the UMCOR Website