Recovery is the longest and the toughest part of a disaster. Long after the national news coverage has ended, long after the throngs of volunteers have gone back home, the survivors are left with trying to rebuild their homes. There is ALWAYS a need for long-term recovery teams. This is a great place for people with all levels of experience to participate. Whether you are a licensed contractor, a semi-skilled retiree looking to serve, or a youth leader looking for a way to engage your group, we can use you!

IN the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we are hosting reconstruction teams in Victoria Texas and Sinton Texas. We have Construction Supervisors on site to direct the effort, All we need is YOU!

For more information, or to register your team, go to the Rio Texas Conference Disaster Response website, or send an e-mail

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, there is a great need for recovery teams to help put these communities back together. To register your team, please go to